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April 2020

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Apr 5, 2020

Traditional Worship

Sticking to our roots and Wesleyan Heritage, we offer two traditional worship services on Sundays. These services follow the traditional order and methods of worship from the Book of Worship and the United Methodist Church. Worship through music is primarily led out of the United Methodist Hymnal. 8:15 I Chapel Our first traditional service of the day. These members meet in our chapel located between the Atrium and Wesley Hall. Led by our associate pastor, Patty Soward, this is a…
Apr 5, 2020

Contemporary Worship

Contemporary Worship New Sounds … Same Savior.  The methodology may have evolved, but our love for Jesus remains the same. The biggest change with a contemporary service versus traditional service (like the one mom used to drag you to on Sundays) is the atmosphere. Traditional services are often held in a traditional sanctuaries with instruments such as the organ, piano, and maybe some brass. In a contemporary service, the space is often more modern feeling (bigger, more open) and often…
Apr 7, 2020

Breaking Bonds

Breaking Bonds Ministries, Inc was placed upon the hearts of Casey and Tiffanie Turner in 2014 with a goal of helping the broken rid themselves of the bondage of sin in their lives. The name “Breaking Bonds” stems from a verse out of Isaiah 14:3 that says; “And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from the sorrow, from the fear, and from the hard bondage that you were made to serve.…
Apr 8, 2020

Wonderful Wednesdays

FELLOWSHIP MEAL 5:00pm I Wesley Hall Wednesday nights are some of our favorite times here at First. Kick off the night in Wesley Hall by joining us for our church-wide fellowship meal starting at 5pm. Miss Patty Minga always has something incredible whipped up for our church family. BIBLE STUDY WITH JOHN 6:00pm I Sanctuary This is an open group Bible study led by our senior pastor, John Miles. Topics will vary throughout the year. Participants are encouraged to bring…