The methodology may have evolved, but our love for Jesus remains the same. The biggest change with a contemporary service versus traditional service is the atmosphere. Traditional services are often held in the classically designed sanctuaries with instruments such as the organ, piano, and maybe some brass.

In a contemporary service, the space is often more modern feeling by typically being bigger and more open. The music is modern including a full band consisting of piano, drums, guitars, bass, and more! Many of the worship songs will be from the greatest contemporary hits on the radio.

All three contemporary services are held in Wesley Hall. For the best access, use the parking lot on Union street. The 8:30 am and 9:45 am services are preached by lead pastor John Miles. Only the 9:45 service is live streamed, and it can be viewed here or on Facebook. The 11:11am service is lead by our life group leader, Chris Metcalf.